Chaz Stevens: Where Art, Tech, and Activism Connect

More than just code. My journey began with groundbreaking operating systems at IBM, laying the foundation for a career that transcends technical expertise. Today, I'm an award-winning developer, weaving a tapestry of art, activism, and WordPress mastery. I believe technology is a powerful tool for positive change, and every project I touch reflects that passion.

Building bridges with bits and brushes. From HIPAA-compliant platforms for animal-assisted therapy to engaging marketing campaigns, I create user-centric experiences that not only function flawlessly but also spark emotion and connection. Whether I'm wielding lines of code or strokes of a paintbrush, my focus is on human-centered design that leaves a lasting impact.

Beyond profit, purpose. My commitment to making a difference extends far beyond the bottom line. I actively develop pro-bono services for various social causes, using my skills to amplify voices and empower communities. Whether it's building platforms for social good or championing environmental initiatives, I strive to leave the world a better place through every line of code, every design detail, and every act of creative expression.


35-year career building successful businesses across diverse markets, culminating in expertise in the mental health care industry. Drives consistent growth and profitability with proven track record. Inspires confidence with impeccable ethics and a people-first approach. Deep understanding of business operations fosters a collaborative and productive environment. Brings a world-class ethos and strategic direction to any organization. Excellent communicator, adept at motivating and developing high performing teams.

All things startup.

Senior WordPress Developer

Decades of overall experience designing and managing business websites. Skilled in front-end development and implementing themes and plugins. Successfully creates attractive websites to meet client expectations in agile environments. Thrives in fast-paced environments, building elegant solutions with an unwavering commitment to accessibility and user-centricity.

Make pretty things that work well.

Senior UI/UX Developer

Seasoned UI/UX Designer with decades of experience, weave user-centered stories through research, design, and development. Meticulous pixel crafting, analytical prowess, and collaboration skills transform complex data into intuitive, research-backed interfaces. Eager to learn and adapt, excel in fast-paced environments.

Organized, analytical, and precise.


We all know about the ongoing cultural war in the Sunshine State. Gender identity has become a forbidden topic, and books are being pulled from school libraries like weeds from a garden. And through it all, Florida Man is not staying silent. Consider the actual Florida man named Chaz Stevens, who recently made headlines by insisting the Bible should also be banned from schools. He challenged the laws around book banning with malicious compliance, highlighting their innate hypocrisy.

Art meets activism.

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