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Chaz Stevens and Texas' 'In God We Trust' Law

This article from Houston Public Media discusses Stevens' response to a Texas law requiring public schools to display the national motto "In God We Trust." He initiated a campaign to send posters with the motto written in Arabic to schools across Texas, aiming to highlight the importance of religious inclusivity and free speech.

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Sending 'In God We Trust' Posters to Texas

Covered by WFAA, this article details how Stevens, known for advocating the separation of church and state, sent about 275 'In God We Trust' posters in various languages to Texas. His actions are a response to a Texas law that mandated displaying these words in schools.

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Blocked from the Rotunda's Free Speech Zone

Florida Politics reported on Stevens' struggle to place his artwork in the Capitol Rotunda's Free Speech Zone. He faced repeated denials from the state's authorities and cited this as an infringement on free speech, using his artwork to challenge political and bureaucratic decisions.

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Efforts to Ban the Bible in Florida Schools

In an article by WFSU News, Stevens' campaign to ban the Bible in Florida schools is highlighted. He argues that the Bible should be removed from classrooms and libraries, citing a recent law that allows parents to object to educational materials, which has been used to remove books with sexually explicit or LGBTQ themes.

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Controversial Campaigns and Advocacy

Stevens is known for his creative and often controversial campaigns that challenge governmental and societal norms. His efforts have consistently aimed to highlight issues around religious freedom, free speech, and civil rights.

These articles provide a glimpse into the activism and impact of Chaz Stevens, showcasing his unique approach to advocacy and civil rights.

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