About Chaz Stevens

I'm a very well-known software developer, entrepreneur, activist, and artist working with people around the world from my office in Boca Raton, Florida. Routinely sought for my expertise, I have appeared on the airwaves and print of major media outlets.

With a career spanning nearly four decades, I've consulted with Microsoft, IBM, Disney, and many other top-tier organizations.

Working with WordPress since it's beta release, I saw it's potential. Having stuck with it, WordPress has now become the go to content management system for millions, powering almost half of websites on the internet.

Being an effective remote worker, I've delivered results for clients based in the USA, and across the globe.

In addition to building things for the internet, I continue to pursue my interest in helping people and animals.

A message from Chaz Stevens.

I've set the highest of standards from myself. Having my name on this, I am proud of what I've done professionally and personally. My activism, like my work founding ESADoggy, can make a difference.

I love helping people and their animals.

That's why I use my business endeavors to make the world a better place. Guided by my ethos, I consistently seek opportunities to promote human rights and dignity.

Driving positive change, solving social problems.

I have a long history, spanning three decades, of standing with and supporting the struggle for justice, civil liberties, and equality of those without a voice.

I'm available for hire.

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