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  • Do you desire to boost the loading speed of your WordPress site?
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  • Do you have an abundance of plugins with unclear functionalities?
  • Are customers discouraged by the mobile experience of your site?
  • Are you facing difficulties managing the codebase for your custom theme or plugin?
  • Does your team struggle with implementing new features?

If any of these resonate with you, it's evident that your WordPress site can be better leveraged for the benefit of your business.

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  3. Provide me with the necessary access to properly audit your website, such as git repositories, FTP details, and more.
  4. Leveraging over four decades of expertise, I will conduct an in-depth review of your WordPress site, covering areas such as performance, security, and code structure.
  5. I will compile my findings into a tailored document, outlining clear and actionable points for improvement for you and your team.

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